Who are VLdev and why you should choose us

April 27, 2021

Imagine a world where anything is possible. Imagine people you can absolutely trust. Imagine your goals become reality …

Sorry, while you were fantasizing, dozens of people around the world have made millions and made their dreams come true.

How did they achieve it? 1) Studied a lot 2) Worked a lot 3) Delegated tasks to real professionals. If you are ok with the first two points then the VLdev company will help you with the third one.

Who are VLdev and why you should choose us

The Ukrainian company VLdev specializes in software development, founded not by IT business amateurs but men who have a long history in the industry. Our team consists of highly skilled experts from all over the world who acquired their skills, not by become-an-IT-specialist-over-month courses but have been stewing for years in the boiling cauldron of the IT industry. Therefore, we are ready to provide you with the most strategically correct solution for your specific software needs, rather than using the “Ctrl + C – Ctrl + V” strategy.

What exactly we do:

  • We help to make money. (You’re interested in it, aren’t you?) As software engineers, we create applications that perfectly match our client’s business needs. Thus we help them discover new ways of development and earnings.
  • We think globally and solve problems globally. We are ready to provide our clients with a full development life cycle: from detailed planning of product architecture to endmost checks before the final successful release. It’s like copying a finished test of an excellent student – convenient and effective!
  • We create a new digital experience for business. Website design, development of enterprise-scale corporate solutions, mobile applications creation, and everything you need to reach the next level!
  • We hear your requests, helping to create a completely new product or fix/improve existing solutions.
  • We stand guard over your interests. To protect you from any kind of fraud we are looking for new approaches to the security lines of your software. We are like IT ninjas!

There is nothing to hide – there are many powerful competitors in the Ukrainian IT industry. But VLdev has its own unique and pragmatic approach to work at all levels. We focus not only on creating web applications and other software but also provide unprecedented service. Because we know that efficiency of your business depends on our work moreover happiness of your wife depends on the efficiency of your business.

Service you deserve:

At VLdev we claim that nothing is impossible. The main thing is to find people who will help you with specific tasks. Therefore we do not hesitate to hire as many people as necessary to qualitatively solve work issues. Unless you’re planning to take over this planet…

We are ready to hire either individual highly qualified software engineers for already formed teams or a whole army of specialists who will competently cope with the entire scope of tasks. Our choice and cooperation will be based only on your requirements, not on the basic capabilities of run-of-the-mill IT companies.

We strive to break down barriers for your business and believe that nothing should get in the way of achieving your goals. We are responsible for this with our reputation.
P.S. For those who are tired of mawkish motivational texts and dull  “world of IT-technologies” articles VLdev launches its information blog about the field that changes our world every day. We want to talk honestly, informatively, and not boring with like-minded people. Just IT! Just Hardcore!

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