“How to have it all” or “5 signs that you need to outsource”

June 7, 2021

How do you know when it’s time to delegate part of your tasks to a remote contractor? We have gathered 5 signs that you need outsourcing.

Outsourcing. You may not know what it means, but we assure you already like it. Remember giving a classmate a chocolate bar for helping with homework? Or how children helped to wash the dishes in exchange for a zoo visit. Basically, it is outsourcing. Pleasant, isn’t it?

Now imagine you are faced with a more difficult task than a dirty frying pan. And it requires far more experience than your six-year-old genius can offer. This is where the beloved superhero of the IT field comes to the rescue – The Captain Outsource.

How do you know when it’s time to delegate part of your tasks to a remote contractor? How not spend the extra money and properly distribute responsibilities? We have gathered 5 signs that you need outsourcing.


You really have a lot of work

Of course, we all consider ourselves very busy. Employees of your company have been sleeping in the office for half a year and the last time you slept was on Christmas – it is time to thoughtfully think about outsourcing.

But seriously, it is no secret that a company is considered successful when it attracts more clients than it can handle. If you have reached this level of load – congratulations, you are Elon Musk. And all you need is not to be afraid and to delegate part of the work to the contractor in time. This is the only way to get everything at once. In case of excessive workload, it leads to a decrease in productivity and as a result, loss of finances.


You want to save money

Oh, don’t be shy about it! It should be noted that this very aspect becomes decisive for many entrepreneurs. Entrusting the work to an external contractor at an affordable price, rather than hiring and keeping additional specialists on the staff, is obviously the right decision.

How exactly you save on outsourcing:

  • Expanding your own team requires resources (beginners are not 100% productive, and experienced team members spend their time training them). Choosing to outsource – you control the result, not the process.
  • You avoid the direct expenses of organizing the workflow. Thus, you literally save on working space, staff training, communication, employee motivation.
  • You have the opportunity to hire qualified specialists from other countries, where the level of salaries is much lower, and the level of personnel competence meets the world’s high standards. Ukraine for example.


You seek a specialist in a certain field

As the trends of recent years show, it is more and more difficult to find qualified and narrow specialists in tech on the market. And hiring them in the state is almost impossible. Moreover, if this is not necessary.

According to the Global Sourcing Association, the most sought after rare IT outsourcing tech experts in 2021 are:

  • digitalization specialist;
  • digitalization designer;
  • automation specialist;
  • digital security manager;
  • business strategist and analyst;

Turning to a reliable outsourcing company you are sure that any complex task will be completed in due time.


You need specialists for short-term tasks

Sometimes it takes just a little touch to complete a big picture. Some tasks require short coordination or their size is not so great. If your monthly workload does not require the full employment of specific specialists, outsourcing is an ideal option for you.

You wouldn’t want to hire people for the specific task to fire them in a month? Outsourcing is what giant corporations do on a regular basis.


Safety comes first

We decided to give this item a special place. In the end, whatever you do, all of this can disappear in an instant if you do not take care of safety in time.

Whether you are the Pentagon or a small business on the outskirts of the universe we assure you Voldemort’s dark assistants may be trying to ruin your life right now. A reliable and experienced outsourcing company will be able to offer you advanced support in the field of cybersecurity systems.



Of course, we could talk about the benefits of outsourcing forever. Moreover, VLdev provides a full range of such IT services. We offer quality solutions based on your tasks and not on our basic capabilities. We hire qualified personnel, focusing on the specifics of your projects.

Outsourcing was not invented by us. But the fact remains – today it is one of the most optimal and financially profitable models of cooperation in the field of IT technologies. It saves energy, money, and the most valuable thing – time. If your day is no more than 24 hours, but you want to do more, outsourcing is the ideal choice.


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