Full Stack developer

June 8, 2021

We are looking for a developer ready to take the lead on a product of our client development, working directly with their CTO. You will take charge of all aspects of the development life cycle, directly responsible for thousands of successful fitness coaches, elite sports teams. Let’s discuss!

Our client’s mission is to give people everywhere good health. Through increasing functionality, achievements, and recognition, we encourage people to become better versions of themselves. Caring for them as human beings, they build strong people from the inside and out. The result is better health for everyone, both physically and emotionally. They give people the foundation to continue to grow and develop, resulting in a greater sense of well-being. By having the freedom to move, create and experience, they can all make the most out of our lives.

This product built on the foundation of teams, teamwork, sharing, caring, and a sense of belonging. In this team, you will feel like an important player, surrounded by young, like-minded, and ambitious people. Their core values are loyalty, hard work, and ambitions, in that order. They take pride in caring for those being part of their team, and the core values lay the foundation for all decisions they make.
This is more than a company, it is a movement; it is enhancing all humans.

If that is something you want to be a part of, then it is the place for you to be. The place for you to grow, fulfill your potential, and make a real difference.


We are looking for someone who has:

  • 4+ years experience with backend development;
  • Good understanding of back-end development and architecture;
  • Proven understanding of scalability and performance;
  • Unshakable commitment to collaboration, code reviewing, and writing reusable code;
  • Formidable ability to lead or self-organize a project through the entire feature development life cycle;
  • In-depth knowledge of AWS cloud architecture (lambda, api gateway, cloudwatch, ec2, and more!), MSSQL (or other SQL / RDBMS databases)
  • Node.js proficiency;
  • Professional experience with front-end frameworks (specifically React);
  • Strong knowledge of NoSQL, caching, elasticsearch, C#, .NET are plusses.


What do you get from us?

  • Market-competitive compensation package;
  • World-class working environment and team of highly skilled engineers;
  • Perfect career opportunity to grow as an engineer and to have a significant impact on all of the development stages;
  • Fully remote work;
  • Recognition, achievements, and opportunities beyond your wildest imaginations



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